Google Sheets Tutorial for Beginners

In this video, we will show you essential points about how to use Google spreadsheet including ?0:11– how to create a new spreadsheet using and ?1:25 – how to convert .csv and .xlsx files to Google Sheets files ?2:19 – how to create sheets inside of a spreadsheet – how to color, organize, and navigate through them ?3:10 – how to add columns in Google Sheets, how to freeze columns and rows ?3:59 – using Google Sheets as database ?4:34 – format data and cells ?5:53 – most useful shortcuts ?6:15 – smart spreadsheet features: pasting values, format, transposed, sequences, using Math operators (* / + -) ?10:56 – formulas in Google Sheets: SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT ?12:09 – using comments and notes to collaborate right in the spreadsheet

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