uRise Campus

The uRise Campus is home to Rise’s English Language Learners classes (ELL) which has seen over 100 graduates and counting! Classes are held several times a week mornings and evenings. uRise is also a great community space for hosting seminars and workshops from various community groups or organizations. Our campus boasts 3 fully furnished classrooms each with a variety of seating capacities to accommodate unique groups, anywhere from 6-20, currently socially distant, seats.

In-Person Classes

Featured Classes

Rising Stars Dance

Classes are designed to encourage a strong foundation in this dance form with an emphasis on individual expression. Whether your child wants to study dance or simply wants to keep moving and have fun uRise offers classes for a variety of ages and experiences.


Offering introductory art workshops is a one-way uRise will prepare our students for further art experiences. Our students will be introduced to skills and media that are utilized in art. Including drawing, painting, the elements and principles of design, color theory, the critical process, and keeping a sketchbook journal.

English Language Learners

The ELLs (English Language Learners) on the Rise, Program now offer two levels of English virtually and will be expanding to include in-person classes in the fall of 2021. Our experienced instructors work with you to increase your competency in English. In addition, to live online classes, our lessons will eventually be available as videos that you can watch at a time that best suits your schedule.


New drivers only get one chance to learn how to drive safely, and being a new driver comes with great responsibility. The instructors at uRise are committed to teaching our students to be the safest drivers on the road. Our experienced instructors work with our students to teach the most up-to-date techniques, information, and safe-driving standards. Let our instructors make the transition easier for you in becoming a new, responsible driver.

On-Demand Classes

We are actively working on recording classes and converting them to on-demand format so you can learn anytime!

Interested in hosting your event at uRise?  Get in touch!

We are looking to host more classes or events at our campus anywhere from local, to bigger organizations, if you, or someone you may know, is interested in being hosted at our Campus, please call: 609-438-3126 or email urise@njrise.org

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