Introducing – PickUp with Waze Carpool.

PickUp is a new commuter program by Greater Mercer TMA that will subsidize rides taken on the Waze Carpool App.

How does PickUp differ from other carpool programs? Here’s how

PickUP has partnered with Waze to use their Carpool app. Waze Carpool is a peer to peer carpooling app. Carpools are scheduled in advance but can be arranged last minute if needed.
Users, once registered, set their route, time, and available seats. Drivers select from the pool of potential riders whose schedule closely matches their own and can invite them to share the ride.
There is no long-term commitment – on either part.
How your clients can get started

  • On their smartphone, go to the following link: (Link is case sensitive)
  • Select if they want to join as a rider or driver (they can always go back to join as both)
  • Download the App on their smartphone. The app “Waze Carpool” is used by riders, the regular “Waze” app is used for drivers.
  • Once installed and signed up, they will be invited to join the PickUP Group
  • Lastly, they need to set their home and work address and schedule.
  • Riders/Drivers are matched with fellow coworkers or group members who have a similar route & schedule.

How much does it cost? Riders are charged $1.00 – this is the introductory fare. The fare may increase (although unlikely at this time) but it will not exceed $4.00 during the pilot period (through Dec. 31, 2021) regardless of the distance. Riders pitch in for the cost of gas and tolls. Payment is handled through the app – no cash is exchanged. Riders need to have a credit or debit card (prepaid debit cards like Walmart Blue Card will also work) and sign up for Google Pay. 

What is the benefit for the driver? Drivers earn up to $0.56 cents per trip. For example, a trip from Trenton would pay approximately $6 one-way. Additionally, drivers who join the PickUP group will earn an additional $2 per trip with the PickUp group’s cash bonus. The duration of the bonus funds incentive is currently undecided, but will likely remain through 2021. This amount is considered reimbursement for the costs of the trip such as gas.  It is not earned income and therefore not taxable.
Drivers will need to have a bank account in order to receive payments.
For more information please go to or feel free to call

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