We each have value and something to share with the world.  Your unique skill set, knowledge or talent can find a home on uRise and a pathway to reach others, creating impact in our community.

Rise Creator Submitted Videos

Four ways to be a Creator on uRise:

Post a Calendar Entry
Simply post an event to the uRise Calendar to increase your awareness.

Teach a Class
Seasoned professional or impromptu instructor?  Teach us a thing or two!

Produce a Video
Instructional, informative or hilarious — show us what you’ve got!

Organize an Event
Create an event to host on the uRise portal – we’re here to help!

Want to talk with us about Creating?  Get in touch!

Do you have a teachable skill or hobby? Or enjoy mentoring or connecting with others in our community?

We call you our creators – get in touch, and we will help you share yourself with your community.

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